Laundry Day Scented Soy Wax Melts 90g Small Gift Box



Fabric conditioner lovers…. Welcome to heaven!

We’ve tested many and chosen few to make sure you are getting the absolute best fragrance available.

★ Pink – Pink Sands

★ Green – Fresh Unstoppables

★ Blue – Fresh Linen


✔ Hand made, no machinery used at all in any of our process

✔ Tested for best scent throw per fragrance oil volume

✔ Suitable for electric and flame burners (flame tend to give of much stronger throw)

✔ CLP & IFRA Compliant

✔ Vegan friendly, we are categorically against animal testing

✔ Multiple burns, we suggest using 1-2 hearts, these can be burned more than once until the fragrance fades.

We have many more products in stock, including candles, please see our storefront for more.

⚠ Please refer to included safety sheet before use, fire can be dangerous, please follow guidelines, wax burner not included in this sale.